19 Most Active WordPress Deploy Plugins

  • DesktopServer for WordPress

    DesktopServer for WordPress

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  • Revisr

    A simple plugin for managing your WordPress website with Git.

  • YD Network-wide Options

    Automatically replicate any plugin setting network-wide: apply sitewide settings. Spread your settings or options on all your multisite blogs. Options

  • Copy Post

    Copy Post allows you to copy posts from one instance of WordPress to another.

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  • WP Live Server Deploy

    Automates the entire process for migrating your wordpress install from a test/development/source server to the live/destination server.

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  • WP Quick Deploy Revisited

    WP Quick Deploy Revisited allows you to either choose plugins from a preset and/or create your own list which you can easily ex-/import & manage.

  • PushLive - Staging Sites to Live in One Click

    Allows you to have a fully functioning development Staging Site or Multisite that you can individually Push to Live when ready.

  • WP Git Deploy

    Deploy websites using Git and the admin bar.

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  • Sunrise

    Plugin framework, that was designed to speed up plugin deployment and development

  • YD Network-wide WPML

    Add-on to WPML and to WPMU Sitewide tags plugins. Will propagate WPML language properties to the Network wide aggregation blog.

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  • WP Publisher

    "Plug-in to Upload WordPress site Dev to Publish by one click".

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Should we add any deploy plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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