12 Most Active WordPress Deployment Plugins

  • SitePush

    Easily move content and code between WordPress sites. Pull your site's DB to a dev site, push new code to a staging site, etc.

  • Features

    A plugin inspired by Drupal's modules ([Features](https://drupal.org/project/features) and [Strongarm](https://drupal.org/project/strongarm)) tha

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  • WP Migrate

    A plugin that assists in migrating your WordPress database to a new location and/or domain.

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  • Deploy Helper

    A simple deploy helper utility for moving sites from enviroments. Licensed under the GPL

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  • PushLive - Staging Sites to Live in One Click

    Allows you to have a fully functioning development Staging Site or Multisite that you can individually Push to Live when ready.

  • Query Recorder

    Save queries run by your theme or plugins to an SQL script for deployment

  • WP-Deploy

    WP Deploy is designed to solve some of the difficulties of developers working in teams using version control software and multi-server enviroments

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  • Custom Database Applications by Caspio

    Enables shortcodes for embedded deployment of Caspio database applications.

  • Sisanu Site Deployment

    This plugin adds an option page "PHP Site Deployment" under your admin menu. The plugin gives you the possibility to copy the content and all related

  • Post Deployment Hook

    Creates a webhook listener in WordPress, useful for integrating a post-deployment hook from your build / deployment process

  • Caspio Deployment Control

    The Caspio Deployment Control plugin disables wptexturize and convert_chars filters on the_content for Caspio Bridge PHP SEO deployment support.

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  • Pure Web Brilliant's JavaScript Control

    Overwrites Wordpress defined javaScript to nullify impact of multiple changes during the release cycle.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite deployment plugins.

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