12 Most Active WordPress Detect Plugins

  • Equivalent Mobile Redirect

    Easy way to detect and redirect mobile visitors to the equivalent page on your mobile site. Optionally redirect all mobile users to one mobile URL.

  • Comment Info Detector

    Enables you to detect your commenter?s info and show their country flag, web browser, operating system icons automatically.

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  • iedetect

    iedetect detects the Internet Explorer and show a warning message if it's an old version.

  • Mobile Client Detection Plugin

    The Mobile Client Detection Plugin can overload platform-specific themes or templates - and it provides query_vars platform & browser.

  • TrollGuard

    TrollGuard is a free WordPress plugin that protects your blog from spam comments.

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  • WP Javascript Detect

    This plugin will display a warning message if the browser's Javascript is disabled. No set up is required, just install and activate. Turn your b

  • Mobile Detect For CSS

    This plugin add the CSS class to BODY tag. It is using the Mobile_Detect library from http://mobiledetect.net/

  • Mobile Theme Switch

    Mobile Theme Switch

  • IPv6 Detector

    Just a simple plugin to detect if a visitor is using ipv6 or not.

  • AutoLink

    This plugin automatically adds HTML anchor tags to plain text links and email addresses embedded in the content of posts and pages.

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  • WPG Detect Browser

    This will add CSS classes in default WordPress body class. You can get browser version, OS and name.

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  • adBlock Alerter

    Detects if a user is using adBlock, adBlock Plus or any other software that might be disabling ads on your website and prompts them to disable it.

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