17 Most Active WordPress Dofollow Plugins

  • Dofollow

    *Deprecated* - The Dofollow plugin lets you remove the evil nofollow attribute from your comments. Because nofollow will not work.

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  • Link Indication

    Link Indication applies CSS class attributes to the links (anchor tags) in your posts, pages, and optionally in your comments.

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  • NoFollow Free

    NoFollow Free removes the "nofollow" tag from your Wordpress blog's comments with a lot of custom options and provides the option to insert a "NoFollo

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  • Nofollow Case by Case

    "Dofollow" but Nofollow Case by Case allows you to selectively apply nofollow to your comments as well.

  • Fantastic Copyright Free

    Automatically adds the Copyright notice to the footer of the WordPress site.

  • KeywordLuv

    Reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords, in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text.

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  • DoFollow Case by Case

    DoFollow Case by Case allows you to selectively apply dofollow to comments and make links in pages or posts "nofollow".

  • SMu Manual DoFollow

    SMu DoFollow has many DoFollow Options (Manual or Automatism) and included URL Validator (Manual, WP-Cron or Cronjob).

  • Comment Warning

    Checks where visitors come from and gives them a warning if they are likely to be comment spammers. For DoFollow and exDoFollow blogs.

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  • Smart DoFollow

    The "Smart DoFollow" plugins lets you automatically give DoFollow links to authors of comments that are longer than a given number of chars.

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  • Follow My Links

    Do not automatically add the rel=nofollow attribute to links in authorial comments, strip nofollow from links to the post author's web page.

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  • 140follow

    140follow removes NOFOLLOW from author link if the comment has more than XXX characters.

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  • Link Love

    The Link Love Wordpress plugin will count the number of approved comments each commentator has left on your blog and then reward he/she with a Do-foll

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  • NFCBC SEO Plugin Add-on

    This plugin is a Comment Link Management Tool for follow and nofollow links to be used as an addon for Nofollow Case by Case or NFCBC SEO Light. Manag

  • WP-NofollowPost

    Simply adds a nofollow tag to all links within a post.

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  • DoFollow State

    DoFollow State let your Wordpress webblog have dofollow structure for all links including links on comments.

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  • InComment

    Adds an extra "referral" note to the bottom of comment forms, so you could see where people come from comment. Useful for finding resources

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite dofollow plugins.

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