11 Most Active WordPress Earn Plugins

  • AdWords Conversion Tracking Code

    Easiest way to add AdWords Conversion Tracking Code to your site.

  • RevenueHits Official Plugin

    Easiest way to Monetize your WordPress website.

  • PalTip plugin

    PalTip earns you cash when anyone clicks your link through our auto-affiliate program. Start earning now!

  • eXopin Blogging For Money

    Now you can sell your blog articles direct to customers using eXopin, a free plug-in which collects payment and seamlessly transfers content.

  • Free eBay Store

    Display an eBay store on your website, and sell products with your own campaign ID. Display them within posts, or as a widget.

  • Amazon Niche Store

    This plugin no longer works and has been superseded by the Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates.

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  • Aklamator Pro Adsense

    Aklamator Pro AdSense digital PR plugin enables you to easily place AdSense or other custom Ad code on your wordpress site.

  • Clk.im Monetization

    Easiest way to monetize your WordPress website

  • iTunes Favorites

    Let the world know what music and iPhone/iPad/iPod apps you like using a widget + editor plugin.

  • Aklamator - Youtube Your Blog

    Show videos from youtube channel on your blog easily. Just paste one YouTube link and we will show widget with all your channel videos. Drag and drop

  • WP Prosperent Plugin

    Allows you to add relevant dynamic content ads from the Prosperent affiliate network.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite earn plugins missing from our list.

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