12 Most Active WordPress Expiration Plugins

  • Page Expiration Robot - Countdown Timer

    The official #1 most intelligent, scarcity countdown timer plugin ever created for WordPress to expire posts AND pages on autopilot!

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  • TIEtools Automatic Maintenance Kit

    Automatic post and image expiry, duplicate post detection and server log deletion to keep your site clean and efficient.

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  • Simple Post Expiration

    A simple plugin that allows you to set an expiration date on posts. Once a post is expired, "Expired" will be prefixed to the post title.

  • Scheduled Slides for Soliloquy

    Scheduled Slides let's you set a date range for individual Soliloquy slides so they don't appear before or after.

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  • User Access Expiration

    A user's access to a site is disabled after a specified number of days. The admin can set the number of days since registration to deny access.

  • Atropos

    This plugin lets you set an expiration date for posts. After that date, the posts will be deleted.

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  • Expire Sticky Posts

    A simple plugin that allows you to set an expiration date on posts. Once a post is expired, it will no longer be sticky.

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  • TIEdupedeleter Simple Duplicate Post Deleter

    Simple duplicate post deleter. Trashes duplicate posts based on status and category. Keeps newest or oldest original copy.

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  • TIEexpire Automated Post Expiry

    Expires posts based on multiple criteria, with category and post status options. Sends notifications to users and admin on demand.

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  • jQuery Banner Rotate

    You can create Sliders with images that can have expiration date or not.

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  • Hetjens Expiration Date

    This plug-in adds a meta box to the post and page writing pages in wp-admin to set up an expiration date for that item.

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  • Access Expiration

    For each post or category, you can limit the number of views and the amount of time that an item remains viewable by each user after he or she first

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite expiration plugins.

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