20 Most Active WordPress Fields Plugins

  • Custom Field Template

    The Custom Field Template plugin extends the functionality of custom fields.

  • Custom Field Suite

    A custom fields management UI

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  • Magic Fields 2

    Description: Magic Fields 2 is a feature rich Wordpress CMS plugin

  • Calculated Fields Form

    Calculated Fields Form is a plugin for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields and display the result.

  • NoSpamNX

    To protect your Blog from automated spambots, this plugin adds invisible formfields to your comment form.

  • CMB2

    CMB2 is a metabox, custom fields, and forms library for WordPress that will blow your mind.

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  • Just Custom Fields

    This plugin add custom fields for standard and custom post types in WordPress.

  • Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type

    Buddypress 2.0 required! This plugin add custom field types to Buddypress Xprofile extension. Field types are: Birthdate, Email, Url, ...

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  • User Meta Manager

    Add, edit, or delete user meta data with this handy plugin. Easily restrict access or insert user meta data into posts or pages and more. Get the Pro

  • Users Ultra Membership Plugin

    Users Ultra is the ideal plugin for creating advanced user communities & networks in few minutes. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google.

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  • Extra User Details

    Add extra fields to the user profile page, saved in WordPress' native way (in wp_usermeta).

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  • PostLinks

    (Beta) An extension of Fields, a custom field management plugin. PostLinks provides additional field types such as Series, PhotoLink and PostLink.

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  • BuddyPress Groups Extras

    After activating your groups will have ability to create any custom fields they want. Also extra page will appear with chosen content.

  • Custom fields

    This plugin add custom fields for some things on WordPress, term taxonomy and custom object types

  • Hide User Profile Fields

    A simple plugin with no-backend interface, to clean up some dummy fields from user profiles edition and creation pages, focused on corporate purposes.

  • ACF Fold Flexible Content

    A simple plugin for enhancing the ACF Flexible Content Field. Collapsed flexible content panels with helping icons representing each field types insid

  • Live Edit

    Edit the title, content and any ACF fields from the front end of your website!

  • PixFields

    PixFields offers you a nice interface to add custom metadata into your favorite post type.

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  • Advanced Custom Fields: Field Snitch

    Double-tap Esc when editing a page containing ACF-fields, to easily inspect ACF field names and keys.

  • WooCommerce Custom Field Product Search

    Includes Product Custom Fields to WooCommerce Search Criteria

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