16 Most Active WordPress Find Plugins

  • Real-Time Find and Replace

    Set up find and replace rules that are executed AFTER a page is generated by WordPress, but BEFORE it is sent to a user's browser.

  • String locator

    Find and edit code in your themes and plugins

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  • CM On Demand Search And Replace

    Searches and replaces the words, phrases and HTML in real time throughout the content without changing the database.

  • Safe Search Replace

    Safely search and replace with advanced options and undo operations.

  • Server IP

    Server IP - Simply displays IP Address (and hostname) on the WordPress dashboard admin panel or on a public page.

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  • User IP

    User IP - Simply display visitor IP Address on post or page with a shortcode.

  • Instant Search & Suggest

    Instant WordPress search with search suggestions for tags, categories and titles.

  • WP Find Your Nearest

    "Find Your Nearest" creates a custom post type which can be associated with a latitude and longitude calculated from your local postal code,

  • Picture finder

    This plugin is built for people keen to reuse flickr images in their blogs.

  • Simply Show Hooks

    Simply Show Hooks helps theme and plugin developers to quickly see where all the action and filter hooks are on any WordPress page.

  • Admin IP

    Admin IP - Simply displays your IP Address (and hostname) on the WordPress dashboard admin panel.

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  • Shortcodes In Use

    List all the shortcodes that you have used within your content or custom fields, and found out exactly where they have been used.

  • Find & Replace

    Replaces keywords on the page with other keywords.

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  • YD Search Functions

    Improved search tools and template functions including Google-like search result snippets (on-the-fly contextual abstract), search statistics and hit-

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  • Bibliar Search in the Bible

    Comfortable widget to embed in your blogsite that allow to visits to searching in the Bible.

  • WP Google Maps Auto Business Place Finder

    Show a detailed map of any kind of business places, like hotels, restaurants, airports, art galleries etc, with a shortcode or by cat/tag with auto se

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Should we add any find plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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