14 Most Active WordPress Flag Plugins

  • Flag Icons

    Flags Icons Language Switcher.

  • Safe Report Comments

    This plugin gives your visitors the possibility to report a comment as inappropriate. After a set threshold is reached the comment is put into moderat

  • Flags Widget

    A simple plug-in that displays flag icons that link to other language versions of your blog.

  • WPML flag in menu

    Shows translated flags (for every language except current viewing lang) in the default or wp_nav_menu at last position

  • World Flags

    Add country flags anywhere in your Wordpress blog using simple shortcodes and/or widgets, or show visitor country flag based on their IP address.

  • Events Ads Banner

    Banner designed for Advertising and Events(text,links,images and videos*).Personalizzabile shape, position, color; supports multilingual and roles*.

  • R3DF Multisite Language Indicator

    Adds language indicators (flag, locale or language) beside the site title of sites to help identify similarly named sites in multilingual multisites.

  • hreflang Flag

    Add a flag icon to link corresponding to the hreflang attribute.

  • Ipgp User Country Flag

    This plugin will allow you to show a flag of your visitors country. When a user goes to your website he will see a flag of its own country, based on t

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  • Flag Comments

    Allows readers to flag WordPress comments as inappropriate.

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  • Shortcode to flag

    Shortcode to flag is an easy plugin, that will allow you to insert flags with shortcodes.

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  • Wave a 3D Flag

    Show your opinion with your flag. This Widget shows a 3D-Flag of an Image that you want to show.

  • Crowd Control by Postmatic - Comment moderation decentralized

    Comment moderation is a drag. Have your users lend a hand by flagging offensive comments and scrubbing your site clean.

  • MarcTV Moderate Comments

    Grants visitors the ability to report inappropriate comments and admins to replace and trash them in the frontend.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite flag plugins.

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