17 Most Active WordPress Flash Player Plugins

  • WordPress Video Player

    Spider Video Player is a WordPress video plugin that allows you to easily add videos to your website.

  • Easy Video Player

    Easy Video Player allows you to embed videos into your WordPress site.

  • Video Player

    Inserting video player on a page is a perfect way to supplement website with media content and expand the user’s interest in your site.

  • Mp3 player

    A mp3 player plugin. Inspired by cd jewel cases.

  • zbPlayer

    zbPlayer is a small and very easy plugin. It does one thing: capture mp3 links and insert a small flash player instead.

  • vooPlayer - Ultimate Video Player for WordPress

    The official #1 most powerful video player to customize, analyze and optimize FLV, MP4 and YouTube videos is now available on WordPress.

  • WP JW Player

    WP JW Player is customizable flash player with embed function, rss feeds which allows you to publish video and text content at the same time.

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  • Videojs HTML5 Player

    Embed video files beautifully in WordPress using Videojs HTML5 Player

  • SSG Wordpress Google Audio Player

    Simple. Tiny. Google. MP3 Player. Enough said?

  • Chromeless YouTube

    This chromeless YouTube player enables you to easily display videos on your site. Each player instance displays a different video and can be resized.

  • Bubblecast Video for Wordpress

    Bubblecast video plugin is one of the best Wordpress video plugin. Embed, upload or record video of your own or Youtube video into your blog posts

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  • EZWebPlayer.com WordPress Video Plugin

    This WordPress video player plugin allows you to manage unlimited videos on your blog using our domain branded video platform.

  • EZWebPlayer WordPress Lite Video Plugin

    EZWebPlayer WordPress Video plugin allows you to play video in your WordPress blog.

  • Tierra's Billboard Manager

    The Tierra Billboard Manager plugin for WordPress offers a single, customizable "billboard panel" through which publishers can present image

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  • MK Smart Player

    MK Smart Player will allow you to play any video from the web or from Youtube.

  • DewTube

    DewTube Wordpress plugin - Insert DewTube (Flash Video Player) in posts/pages.

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  • Evoca Voice Comments Recorder

    Invite online visitors to record voice comments, language exercises, testimonials or any audio content within the regular WordPress comment area.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite flash player plugins.

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