18 Most Active WordPress Front Page Plugins

  • Frontpage Manager

    Lets you customize how your frontpage and/or main posts page appears in a number of ways: limiting by category/ies, number of posts, number of words/c

  • Custom Post Limits

    Version: 3.6 Independently control the number of posts listed on the front page, author/category/tag archives, search results, etc.

  • Site Layout Customizer

    Customize the front page & other pages. Display your posts with different layouts.

  • Content Warning

    A plugin that provides a warning box with a ton more options completely re-written from the ground up.

  • WP Meta and date remover

    Remove meta information from posts and pages. Just plug and play.

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  • mPress Custom Front Page

    Easily set any page or post, including custom post types, as the homepage for your site.

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  • Content Warning

    This plugin uses AJAX & Thickbox to Display Dialog based Content Warning to Users. This act as Landing page to show message.

  • Featured Pages Customizer

    Feature your content live with the WordPress customizer.

  • Blog Introduction

    Blog Introduction inserts a static intro before posts (on homepage or archive pages). Introduction content is taken from a designated page.

  • dTabs

    Adds a new template tag to output user controlled dynamic tabs and drop down menus for posts, pages, categories, archives, and bookmarks.

  • Advanced Random Post

    Selects a defined number of random posts from the archive and shows them on the front page

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  • CPT on Front Page

    This plugin allows post types other than "page" to be displayed as the static front page.

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  • Set Front Page Post Count

    Allows the front page to have a different number of posts than other pages.

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  • Better Front Page UI

    Lets you specify the URL for your posts home, so there's no need for dummy pages as placeholders of home.php and front-page.php.

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  • Mooberry Show Latest Posts

    Show latest blog posts on the static front page. Customize number of posts and display orientation.

  • Front Page Scheduler

    Choose an alternate static front page to a specific daily period. Agendamento de página inicial alternativa para período diário específico.

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  • Responsive Subheader

    Easily add new depth to your pages with an individualized sub-header display of your featured image and a custom post with slider for the Front page.

  • Guerrilla's Content Warning

    This plugin uses AJAX & Thickbox to display a dialog based Content Warning to users, requiring them to acknolwedge they are at least 21 years old

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