20 Most Active WordPress Get Plugins

  • Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension

    This plugin provides 2 new tag types for the Contact Form 7 Plugin. It allows the dynamic generation of content for a text input box via any shortcode

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  • Calculated Fields Form

    Calculated Fields Form is a plugin for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields and display the result.

  • Export emails

    Adds an export emails page that allows you to export the email list of your subscribers and the email list of all the people who left comments.

  • Beautiful taxonomy filters

    Supercharge your custom post type archives by letting visitors filter posts by their terms/categories. This plugin handles the whole thing for you!

  • Include

    Include one Page or Post into another.

  • GET Params

    Shortcodes allowing you to display GET parameters from the current URL in pages and posts, or show/hide content depending on GET param values

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  • qstring-parameter

    Qstring is a plugin to allow to access get parameters from query string or URL easily

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  • Mindvalley Post & Get Variables

    Lets you output a POST or GET variable in the page via shortcode.

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  • Get Image from Post

    Allows users to fetch an image from a post within the Loop.

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  • Content Switcher

    Allows you to easily display a random number, a random or variable content on your website, and to optimize your website with Google Optimizer.

  • WP Get

    WP Get allows you to display content in posts dynamically, based on URL parameters.

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  • Theme Changer

    Easy theme change in the get parameter. Can be used theme to demo. this to be a per-session only change, and one that everyone (all visitors) can use.

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  • Display A Post

    This is a super simple plugin that displays a specific post by post name (slug) or id. This plugin is very light weight and easy to use in pages, post

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  • Get Data

    By using Get Data Plugin, you can get content by URL and insert data in header or footer.

  • YD Spread Parameter

    Tweaks URLs to keep and propagate a http get query parameter in all links site-wide ( like ?tpl=1 ).

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite get plugins.

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