11 Most Active WordPress Gist Plugins

  • Iframely Responsive Embeds

    Iframely converts URLs in your posts into responsive embed widgets for 1700+ domains and summary cards for others.

  • oEmbed Gist

    Embed your source from gist into WordPress easily.

  • Pastacode

    Use Pastacode to add code into your posts with the awesome PrismJs coloration library. So, past'a code!

  • Gist GitHub Shortcode

    Adds Github Gists in your posts via shortcode

  • WP Github Gist

    Embed files and gist from Github in your blog posts or pages.

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  • WP-Git-Embed

    Embed GitHub, Gist or Bitbucket files.

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  • GitHub Gist Shortcode Plugin

    Allows the use of a simple shortcode to embed GitHub Gists in a post or page.

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  • PCSH (PastaCode and SyntaxHighlighter)

    Use PCSH to add code into your posts with the awesome SyntaxHighlighter plugin. So, past'a code!

  • WP-Gistpen

    A self-hosted alternative to putting your code snippets on Gist.

  • GitHub Gist Wordpress Plugin

    GitHub Gist Wordpress Plugin allows you to embed GitHub Gists from http://gist.github.com/ in a post or page.

  • Easy GitHub Gist Shortcodes

    This plugin allows using shortcodes to insert GitHub Gists in any content, use [gist id="xxxxxx"]

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite gist plugins missing from our list.

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