10 Most Active WordPress Google News Plugins

  • Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps (support Sitemap Index, Multi-site and Google News)

    A WordPress XML Sitemap plugin that comes with support for Sitemap Index, Multi-site and Google News sitemap. Image sitemap is supported, too.

  • XML Sitemap & Google News feeds

    XML and Google News Sitemaps to feed the hungry spiders. Multisite, WP Super Cache and Polylang compatible.

  • Google News Sitemap Generator

    Basic XML sitemap generator for submission to Google News.

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  • Google News

    Displays news items from selectable Google News RSS feeds, inline, as a widget or in a theme. Multiple feeds allowed. Query filters and caching.

  • Google News Just Better

    A customizable list of Google News given: language & country code, keyword(s) or topic, cache recreation frequency, number of items to display. It

  • Simple Google News

    Easily add Google News search results to posts, pages, or sidebars on your WordPress site.

  • Google News Keywords from Tags

    Google News Keywords from Tags uses your post tags to insert Google News keywords meta tag to your posts.

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  • Google News XML Sitemap Plugin for Wordpress

    Automatically generate a non-deprecated XML sitemap for inclusion to Google News 2.0.

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  • Google News Editors Picks Feed Generator

    Plugin generates not one but two, highly customizable Google News Editors’ Picks RSS Feeds. Increase your news site traffic with featured content on

  • Google XML News Sitemap plugin

    Automatically generates a Google News Sitemap using the [updated Google News Sitemap specification](http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answe

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