16 Most Active WordPress Green Plugins

  • Green Living Tips

    Displays green tips for Green Living

  • Unprintable Blog

    Prevent visitors from printing out your blog posts. Posts can be downloaded as unprintable PDFs. Reduce paper waste - make your blog unprintable!

  • Online Leaf

    Integrates a standby engine to reduce the energy required to view the website when the visitors are inactive, to make your blog a Green Website.

  • Energy Saver

    Contribute to a better, greener Internet by saving your website's Energy consumption.

  • WD4F Admin Theme

    WD4F WordPress Admin Theme - Upload and Activate.

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  • WordPress Carbon Footprint

    WordPress Carbon Footprint is a simple plugin for WordPress which works out and displays the carbon footprint of your blog. It works out how many word

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  • NineCarrots

    NineCarrots embeds the local business mapping system in to your WordPress system

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  • ecycler Widget

    This WordPress plugin simply adds a sidebar widget to display your ecycler badge.

  • StorageQloud for WordPress

    Mirrors media uploads on GreenQloud's StorageQloud for storage and delivery. Backed by 100% renewable energy, StorageQloud auto scales on load.

  • WP-Greenscroll

    Adds Greenscroll certificate to WP sidebar

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  • star-ganalytics

    Simplest Google Analytics plugin. Add Google Analytics into the WordPress.

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  • How Green Are You?

    This widget will total up your posts and comments and work out in pounds(lb) how much paper you have saved by writing online.

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Should we add any green plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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