10 Most Active WordPress Heatmaps Plugins

  • Hotjar Connecticator

    The easy way to add your Hotjar code to your WP site.

  • Inspectlet - User Session Recording and Heatmaps

    Inspectlet lets you record videos of visitors as they're using your website. Watch and analyze visitor behavior instantly by recording visitor se

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  • Easy Chat, Gorgeous Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings - Lucky Orange

    The Original All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite. Used on over 35,000 sites. See everything your visitors did before they left. Get started for F

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  • Heatmaps and Analytics by SeeVolution

    See a detailed, real-time traffic breakdown and click heatmap of your website's visitors compiled and displayed immediately in a movable, transpa

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  • Wordpress Mobile Gestures by errnio

    errnio adds gesture engagement actions to your mobile site, enhancing experience, content circulation and time spent on your site.

  • Navilytics Heatmaps and User Recordings

    Adds the Navilytics script to each page of your site enabling user recordings, mouse movement and click heatmaps, and much more!

  • Wordpress Mobile Zoom by errnio

    Zoom by errnio enhances the mobile zoom experience on any image on your wordpress site, offering better zoom, sharing, and image discovery.

  • MouseStats Tracking Script

    The official plugin to install MouseStats Tracking Script on WordPress-powered websites.

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  • Wordpress Tap Select by errnio

    Tap Select enhances text selection on your mobile site with useful information on any text, as well as additional actions.

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