13 Most Active WordPress Hello Dolly Plugins

  • Unwanted Plugins Remover

    For WordPress versions lower than 3.2: You are annoyed about the problem, that on each WordPress core upgrade Akismet and Hello Dolly return? Then Unw

  • Hello Dolly For Your Song

    This simple plugin is an extended version of the famous hello dolly plugin by Matt Mullenweg. It shows the songtext of any song in your blog.

  • Kill Howdy

    Changes the text **Howdy** in the admin interface to a different greeting.

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  • Hello Simpsons Chalkboard Gag

    This plugin is a chance to relive your childhood. Featuring the chalkboard gags of Bart Simpson, this plugin is sure to put a smile on your face.

    no screenshot found
  • May The Force Be With You

    This plugin when activated will dislpay star wars quote on the administrator's dashboard.

  • Hello Top 100 Movie Quotes

    Display Top 100 movie quotes the same way as Hello Dolly does.

  • RandomQuotr

    Allows the user to create a list of quotes, and then pull either a random or specific quote from that list

    no screenshot found
  • Charlie Sheen Quote Generator

    This plugin displays a random quote from Charlie Sheen. Includes a widget, short code, and over-writes Hello Dolly.

  • Hello Da Vinci

    A quick modification of the ubiquitious Hello Dolly plugin, to present quotes from Leonardo Da Vinci.

    no screenshot found
  • Success Quotes

    Need some inspiration? When activated you will randomly see a success quote in the upper right of your admin screen on every page.

    no screenshot found
  • Delicious Bean Daifuku


    no screenshot found
  • Hello WP User

    Inspired by Matt Mullenweg's Hello Dolly plugin and rotates tips for WordPress users at top right corner of the WordPress admin on every page.

    no screenshot found
  • Stargate Quotes

    This plugin will randomly display quotes from the Stargate franchise on every page of your user dashboard.

    no screenshot found

Let us know if there are any of your favorite hello dolly plugins missing from our list.

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