19 Most Active WordPress Hierarchy Plugins

  • Admin Menu Tree Page View

    Get a tree view of all your pages directly in the admin menu. Search, edit, view, re-order/sort and add pages – all is just one click away!

  • Flexi Pages Widget

    A highly configurable WordPress sidebar widget to list pages and sub-pages. User friendly widget control comes with various options.

  • Advanced Sidebar Menu

    Creates a widget for both page and categories that will display the current page/category and all child pages or categories.

  • Term Management Tools

    Allows you to merge terms, set term parents in bulk, and swap term taxonomies.

  • Simple Section Navigation Widget

    Adds a widget for section (or top level page) based page navigation. Essential for CMS! Includes simple function for template developers.

  • Category Checklist Tree

    Preserves the category hierarchy on the post editing screen

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  • Hierarchical Pages Widget

    Makes collapsing hierarchical pages/category/taxonomy lists: top level; ancestors, children, and/or siblings of current

  • SB Child List

    The total in-page navigation solution for Wordpress. Using the shortcodes and widgets provided you can display navigation between your parent, child a

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  • Swifty Page Manager

    Creating and managing your pages made easy.

  • Subpage Listing

    Allows you to display a list of the child pages of the currently viewed page.

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  • Intuitive Category Checklist

    Adds expanding/collapsing functionality to the categories checklist inside posts.

  • Category Template Hierarchy

    Adds parent-category.php, child-category.php, and child-category-{slug|id} templates to the hierarchy and conditional tags to match.

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  • Pages Order

    With this plugin, you may re-order the order of the pages and the hierarchical order of the pages.

  • WenderHost Subpages Widget

    A widget for displaying a list of subpage links. The list remains consistent regardless of where you are in the hierarchy.

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  • WP-Parsi navigation trees

    This plugin create dynamic expand/collapse tree-widget navigation from wordpress nav menu.

  • Hansel & Gretel: Fine-Tuned Breadcrumb Generator

    Simple microdata-enabled breadcrumbs generator

  • BP Group Hierarchy

    Allows BuddyPress groups to have subgroups.

  • GD Pages Navigator

    Use this widget to change the way navigation works for pages and other hierarchical post type with different navigation methods.

  • Quick Bulk Post & Page Creator

    A handy tool for batch creation of posts and pages in your preferred hierarchy.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite hierarchy plugins.

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