16 Most Active WordPress Identity Plugins

  • OneLogin SAML SSO

    This plugin provides single sign-on via SAML and gives users one-click access to their WordPress accounts from identity providers like OneLogin.

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  • OpenID Delegation

    A simple plugin that adds the required meta tags to allow you to use your blog URL as your OpenID identifier with the provider you choose.

  • LaunchKey

    LaunchKey eliminates the need and liability of passwords by letting you log in and out of WordPress with your smartphone or tablet.

  • SezWho

    A plugin that improves community engagement by showing universal web-wide profiles for participants and by empowering the community to rate comments a

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  • PeoplePond

    The PeoplePond Plugin retrieves your About Me profile from PeoplePond, and displays it on your About page on your blog.

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  • Metaverse ID

    Display your identity from around the metaverse!

  • RainmakerMoxie

    RainmakerMoxie (BETA-limited support) is an interactive sidebar widget. Enter an email address and it displays a photo, name, social links and more.

  • retaggr

    Add retaggr.com functionality to your blog - image tagging of any image,and totally customizable Profile Cards.Demo and help at http://www.retaggr.com

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  • Tractis Identity Verifications plugin for Wordpress

    Allow your users to use their e-IDs to prove their true identity.

  • MyOpenID Delegation

    This plugin delegates OpenID to MyOpenID.

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  • YD Prevent Comment Impersonation

    Description: Prevents non-registered commentators from using registered logins of site members or authors.

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  • PrefPass Universal Login and Registration

    This plugin, based upon James Kelley's plugin, lets users register and log in using IDs including Facebook, OpenID, and Yahoo via PrefPass.

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  • Identity

    define and customize your personal CI on public pages

  • PeoplePond Online Identity Widget

    Extends the reach of your PeoplePond profile & verified identity. Displays a badge detailing who you are & where you can be found.

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  • Guthrie

    Create a custom profile with Guthrie to control your online profile and share it as you see fit.

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