20 Most Active WordPress Increase Traffic Plugins

  • Facebook Like Box Widget

    Facebook Like Box Widget is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables u

  • Social Sharing, Follow Bar & Share Buttons by GetSocial.io

    18 Social media tools to grow your traffic & shares, including mobile share bar (paid). Used by +100,000 sites.

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  • Twitter Follow Button

    With this plugin, you can embed Twitter Follow Button to let your visitor follow you instantly by just clicking on the button. Add the Follow Button t

  • All In One Social Network Buttons

    You can have all social network buttons or box counters from Facebook, Google Buzz, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, MySpace, Delicious, Multiply, Mister W

  • Google Plus Badge Direct Connect

    Google+ badge allows visitors to directly connect with and promote your brand on Google+ from your website. Now you can add a Google+ badge to help yo

  • Content Resharer

    This plugin allows site owners to automatically schedule and reshare their content on Twitter and increase social traffic without lifting a finger.

  • Wordpress Mobile Gestures by errnio

    errnio adds gesture engagement actions to your mobile site, enhancing experience, content circulation and time spent on your site.

  • Gratisfaction- Social Contests Referral Loyalty Rewards Program for WooCommerce

    All-in-One Loyalty+Social Contests+Referral Marketing WooCommerce. No Coding. Easy DIY Setup.

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  • Facebook The Like Box In The Post

    With this plugin, it will display Facebook The Like Box in a more flexible position in your Wordpress content (post), i.e. top or bottom of the post p

  • Social Marketing Scheduler

    A tool that helps you schedule posts and pages on Facebook and Twitter and other social platforms.

  • Art FB Recent Activity od Recommendations

    Art FB Recent Activity od Recommendations widget displays the most interesting recent activity taking place on your site. Since the content is hosted

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  • Facebook Like Box

    Get thousands of extra facebook page likes in few days.

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  • CMS Vote Up Social CMS News

    A must have social CMS website news button for Wordpress user (blogger). This button will enable your visitor to vote for your website's article

  • Wordpress Mobile Zoom by errnio

    Zoom by errnio enhances the mobile zoom experience on any image on your wordpress site, offering better zoom, sharing, and image discovery.

  • SendLove.to - Social People Rating Plugin for Bloggers & Publishers

    Combine the addictiveness of online polls and the community features of comments to let your visitors rate and share opinions on famous people!

  • Wordpress Swipe by errnio

    Swipy offers your mobile site visitors more of your content with swipe action cards, enhancing experience, content circulation and time spent.

  • ThinkerMedia Cross-Posting

    Increase your Visibility and Blog Traffic. This plugin allows you to write a WordPress blog and cross-post it to your blog at BestThinking.com.

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  • Wordpress Next Post by errnio

    Next Post by errnio moves the reader to the next available post on your site, when swiping right on mobile.

  • Recommended Content by errnio

    Recommended Content by errnio offers your mobile site visitors more of your content when they are done reading your articles.

  • Wordpress Tap Select by errnio

    Tap Select enhances text selection on your mobile site with useful information on any text, as well as additional actions.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite increase traffic plugins missing from our list.

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