19 Most Active WordPress Intranet Plugins

  • PDF Embedder

    Embed PDFs straight into your posts and pages, with intelligent resizing of width and height. No third-party services or iframes required.

  • Google Apps Login

    Simple secure login and user management for Wordpress through your Google Apps domain (uses secure OAuth2, and MFA if enabled)

  • WP Document Revisions

    A document management and version control plugin for WordPress that allows teams of any size to collaboratively edit files and manage their workflow.

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  • Simple Intranet Directory

    A simple employee directory with photos for your intranet.

  • Private! Wordpress Access Control Manager

    Manage easily, who is allowed to access your blog or certain parts of your blog or just improve the security of your installation

  • Project Panorama

    WordPress project management / communication plugin designed to communicate project progress and timing.

  • wpNamedUsers

    Intranet / Extranet plugin for Wordpress that allows users to specify which users and/or groups can access specific posts or pages.

  • Simple Popular Content

    A simple sidebar widget displaying your most viewed content.

  • Employee Spotlight

    Employee Spotlight displays photo, bio, and contact information of your employees, founders, team or just yourself. Each employee has its own page.

  • Orbis

    Orbis is a powerful, extendable plugin to boost up your business. Project Management, Customer Relation Management & More...

  • Company, Team and People presentation

    A professional profile section with an 'About Us' Page with visual Company, Team and People profiles.

  • Simple Bookings

    Simple Bookings allows you to manage the booking request approval workflow.

  • Role Based Help Notes

    Help Notes/Posts private to assigned users of a WordPress role.

  • Google Apps Directory

    Search your Google Apps domain for employee info (from a widget)

  • Intranet Restriction for Posts and Pages

    Allows to restrict the access of specific posts and pages to intranet only.

  • Employee Directory

    Employee directory provides an easy to use and maintain solution for any organization needing a centralized company directory.

  • Force Login Except Special IP Range

    Forces all anonymous users to login except the user connects from special ip ranges or a specific IP4 address.

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  • Intranet Lite

    Intranet Lite is a dynamic, extendable plugin designed to facilitate team communications and collaboration in your WordPress site.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite intranet plugins.

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