16 Most Active WordPress Ip-address Plugins

  • Download Monitor

    Download Monitor is a plugin for uploading and managing downloads, tracking downloads, and displaying links.

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  • Simple Download Monitor

    Easily manage downloadable files and monitor downloads of your digital files from your WordPress site.

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  • IP Geo Block

    It blocks any spams, login attempts and malicious access to the admin area posted from outside your nation, and also prevents zero-day exploit.

  • Server IP

    Server IP - Simply displays IP Address (and hostname) on the WordPress dashboard admin panel or on a public page.

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  • User IP

    User IP - Simply display visitor IP Address on post or page with a shortcode.

  • IP Address Widget II

    Show the visitor's IP address, country, city, region, operating system and browser in a widget. You can specify the information to be shown.

  • Htaccess by BestWebSoft

    The plugin Htaccess allows controlling access to your website using the directives Allow and Deny.

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  • Proxy Real IP

    Proxy Real IP is a simple plugin that sets user's IP addresses correctly when running WordPress behind a load balancer or other proxy.

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  • Social Viral Downloader

    This is a "Share to Download" plugin, and works for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

  • WPSecureOps Easy Firewall

    Simple to use and free security firewall, malware protection, exploit, virus and hack guard which does not require any coding skills!

  • Admin IP

    Admin IP - Simply displays your IP Address (and hostname) on the WordPress dashboard admin panel.

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  • Private Comment Notification Email

    Hides private details from comment notification emails, such as IP address and email.

  • PPC Tracker WordPress Plugin

    This is a simple plugin that detects Google Adwords Traffic & generates a report of IP's you can add to ip exclusion list.

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  • IP Address Widget

    IP Address Widget displays user information (IP address, browser, operating system, country) in your blog.

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  • Show IP address

    A simple plugin to show your IP address information on any of your pages, posts or widgets. Shows your IP address on your Dashboard.

  • Zarza Real IP

    This useful and free plugin corrects automatically the user's IP address if you're behind a proxy.

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