14 Most Active WordPress Iranian Plugins

  • Parsi Date

    Persian date support for WordPress

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  • Persian Woocommerce

    This plugin extends the WooCommerce shop plugin with complete Persian(Farsi) language packs

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  • Persian Gravity Forms

    This WordPress plugin extends the Gravity Forms plugin and its addons with the Persian language .

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  • WooCommerce Iran Post Shipping

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  • persian date shortcode

    version:1.2 Easy way for Display persian date in multi format and unlimited color in wordpress site

  • JahanPay SamanBank Gateway For EDD

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  • WooCommerce SafirCOD

    Integrates SafirCOD, an Iranian Cash on Delivery service, with WooCommerce.

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  • WP Persian

    WPPersian is a fast and lightweight plugin for support farsi language in wordpress , bbpress and buddypress.

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  • myCRED ZarinPal

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  • WooCommerce Parspeik

    Synchronize your woocommercian shop with ParsPeik.

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  • WooCommerce Frotel

    Synchronize your woocommercian shop with Frotel.

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  • Month of Ramadan

    The plugin prayer during Ramadan.

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  • WooCommerce Websky

    Synchronize your woocommercian shop with Websky.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any iranian plugins in our list.

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