17 Most Active WordPress Lastfm Plugins

  • Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget

    Add follow me social buttons. Uses font icons, ready for Retina Display.

  • Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget

    The widget displays image links (icon buttons) to various subscription services and social networking sites. More than 40 services supported.

  • Social Slider

    This plugin adds links to your social networking sites' profiles in a box floating at the left side of the screen.

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  • Loginza - ?????? ??????????? ?????????, OpenID, Yandex, Google ? ??.

    ?????? ????????? ???????????? ???????? ?????????, Yandex, Google, OpenID ? ??., ??? ????????

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  • Lifestream

    Streams your activity from over 50 different sources to your blog.

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  • Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM

    Social Icons Widget to displays links to social sharing websites.

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  • Last.fm for Wordpress

    Last.fm for WordPress displays your recently listened tracks in your WordPress blog.

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  • Social Media Tab

    The Social Media Tab plugin display on your blog boxes that has links to your profiles on social sites

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  • Last.Fm Records

    Last.Fm Records shows cd covers for cds your listened to, according to last.fm. It can show covers in a page or post, and you can add it as a widget.

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  • Social Homes

    Adds a sidebar widget containing a subtle list of all your social homes as linked favicons.

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  • wp max social widget

    WP Max Social Wigdet : Wordpress Sidebar widget To combine your social media profiles and bookmarks.

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  • WP pngfix

    Plugin that fixes the png image transparency issue on IE.

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  • LastFM

    With this plugin you can show your recent or favorite LastFM Tracks on your sidebar

  • last.fm Live!

    Widget to display your recently played tracks from last.fm LIVE! shows any song you play(& scrobble) on your site in realtime.

  • Latest Spotify Activity

    A simple widget that displays your Spotify activity on your site. Powered by Spotify's built-in 'Last.fm Scrobble' functionality.

  • Last.fm Recently Played Tracks

    Plugin to display recently played tracks from Last.fm for a user.

  • Last.fm RPS

    Widget Plugin that lists your recently listened songs on your sidebar with album or artist images and text.

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