18 Most Active WordPress Lockdown Plugins

  • iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

    Take the guesswork out of WordPress security. iThemes Security offers 30+ ways to lock down WordPress in an easy-to-use WordPress security plugin.

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  • All In One WP Security & Firewall

    A comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.

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  • BBQ: Block Bad Queries

    The fastest firewall plugin for WordPress.

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  • Lockdown WP Admin

    Lockdown WP Admin conceals the administration and login screen from intruders. It can hide WordPress Admin (/wp-admin/) and and login (/wp-login.php)

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  • Shield WordPress Security

    The Most Comprehensive and Highest-Rated Security System for WordPress (formerly the WordPress Simple Firewall).

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  • WP Limit Login Attempts

    Limit Login Attempts for login protection. Limit rate of login attempts and block IP temporarily. It is protecting from brute force attacks.

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  • Login Security Solution

    Security against brute force attacks by tracking IP, name, password; requiring very strong passwords. Idle timeout. Maintenance mode lockdown.

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  • Botnet Attack Blocker

    This plugin blocks distributed botnet brute-force attacks on your Wordpress installation.

  • Hidden WP Admin

    Hide the WordPress admin, login and signup pages from all users except those you allow.

  • Restrict Content by Role

    Restrict users with certain User Roles from accessing content and sub-content, both publicly and the WordPress Dashboard (wp-admin).

  • Htaccess by BestWebSoft

    Protect WordPress website – allow and deny access for certain IP addresses, hostnames, etc.

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  • WP Login Security 2

    Whitelist User IP addresses. If a user logs in from an unknown IP the plugin sends an email to the user and optionally the admin with a one-time key.

  • Rename wp-login.php to anything you want

    Change wp-login.php to anything you want while having a safe bruteforce attack free website.

  • SecureMoz Security Audit

    Performs a WordPress Security Audit to detect PHP and WordPress vulnerabilities and solve them.

  • Hide Dashboard

    Hides the WordPress Dashboard

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  • Verelo Blog Monitoring Plugin

    Automatically start monitoring your sites uptime and check for hacks/malware from multiple Verelo global locations on a 5 minute rotational schedule.

  • WooCommerce API Lockdown

    Protect your data by restricting what is available through your WooCommerce REST API on a site wide or per user basis.

  • Sprivate

    Simple Easy Private site/blog plugin.

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