14 Most Active WordPress Lorem Ipsum Plugins

  • WP Example Content

    Add and remove example post content to assist you in designing and developing new and current themes.

  • Lorem Ipsum Generator

    Creates a button on your wysiwyg toolbars to add a configurable amount of Lorem Ipsum text to a post, page or any other custom post type.

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  • lorem shortcode

    The plugin contains two shortcodes, lorem and loremimage, the loremimage shortcode can be nested in the lorem shortcode.

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  • WP Dummy Content

    Easy generation and deletion of blog posts, pages, and sub pages for developers. Full site structure in one click.

  • WP Dummy Post Generator

    This plugin generates dummy posts and dummy categories on WordPress. It will also let you specify a Blog Name and a Tagline to be set.

  • Lorem Ipsum Generator Shortcode

    Plugin that generates lorem ipsum dummy text in post and pages.

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  • Lorem Ipsum for WP Editor

    Now you can easily test your website adding Lorem Ipsum text to your posts by one click.

  • Lorem ipsum dummy article shortcode

    A seeded dummy article generator shortcode for WordPress. This does not just generate 'lorem ipsum' but full HTML articles.

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  • WP Lipsum

    WP-Lipsum is a simple plugin for generating dummy text for your WordPress site.

  • Sample Data Generator

    This plugin generate sample html content in WordPress editor. This plugin use LoremIpsum.net API, http://loripsum.net/api and http://dummyimage.com/.

  • Just Add Lipsum

    Creates a [lorem-ipsum] shortcode which can be used to add Lorem Ipsum text to any field which accepts shortcodes.

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  • Lipsum

    Generate dummy Lorem ipsum text in posts and pages with shortcode. Includes a generator for unique and random customisation.

  • DNS Ipsum - Due North Studios Lorem Ipsum Generator

    Adds lorem ipsum text via the [dns-ipsum] shortcode and a TinyMCE button

  • Dummy Text Shortcode

    Allows for dummy text to be placed in a post / page with the [dummy] shortcode.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite lorem ipsum plugins missing from our list.

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