14 Most Active WordPress Magic Plugins

  • Strx Magic Floating Sidebar Maker

    Magic Floating Sidebar Maker, makes your bog sidebar floatable.

  • Magic Post Thumbnail

    Automatically generate thumbnails for your posts. Magic Post Thumbnail use Google Image/Flickr/Pixabay to create an Automatic Featured Image.

  • Magic the Gathering Card Tooltips

    Easily transform Magic the Gathering card names into links that show the card image in a tooltip when hovering over them. You can also quickly create

  • WP MtG-Helper

    Mtg Helper supports you writing "Magic:the Gathering"-articles

  • Eshop Magic

    Enhances the eShop plugin. Tweak the look and feel. Check your settings. Assistance with problems.

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  • Norse Rune Oracle Plugin

    The Norse Runes Oracle Plugin allows you to interpret single runes or do rune castings.

  • Magic Slider

    Responsive and flexible slider.

  • Mana Symbols

    Mana Symbols replaces shortcodes with Magic: The Gathering mana symbols.

  • Ajax For All

    This plugin will enable a fancy ajax functionality on simple sites and most themes.

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  • Betterify

    Making WordPress websites...better.

  • Widget Magic

    Provides a shortcode that allows sidebars to be used in any page or post.

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  • Diy Runes Widget

    A complete flash runes reading widget representing the past, present, and future.

  • TCG Card Links

    Place links shortcode for Magic: the Gathering card names within your blog posts to show card information links with Low-Mid-Hi pricing!

  • MtG Card Links

    The goal of this Plug-in is to provide an instantaneous way for you to turn all Magic: the Gathering card names within your blog posts into card infor

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite magic plugins.

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