14 Most Active WordPress Menus Plugins

  • White Label CMS

    Version:1.5.4 Allows complete customization of dashboard panels and logos, removal of menus, giving editors access to widgets and menus plus lots mor

  • Nav Menu Roles

    Hide custom menu items based on user roles

  • Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu

    All admin links available in a neat horizontal drop down menu. Saves lots of screen real estate!

  • WP SVG Icons

    Quickly and effortlessly enable 490+ beautifully designed SVG font icons, available on the frontend and backend of your site.

  • Font Awesome 4 Menus

    Allows you to add Font Awesome 4 icons to your WordPress menus or anywhere on your site. No programming necessary!

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  • WordPress Access Control

    Restrict pages, posts, custom post types, menus and widgets to members, nonmembers or specific roles and still add to navigation

  • Advanced Sidebar Menu

    Creates a widget for both page and categories that will display the current page/category and all child pages or categories.

  • PC Hide Pages

    Enables you to hide your pages and stop them being indexed by search engines.

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  • Menu Social Icons

    Add social icons to your WordPress menu items automatically.

  • WP-dTree

    Dynamic tree-widgets to replace the standard archives, categories, pages and link lists. Support custom Menus too.

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  • Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search

    This plugin adds convenient search fields to provide easy access to the codex, wpbeginner, WordPress support forums and common wp-admin areas via the

  • WordPress Menu Exporter

    A plugin taht lets you export only your WordPress menus via the WordPress Export page.

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  • Dropdown Menus

    Display your WordPress menus as a dropdown select box. Great for mobile designs.

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  • WP Custom Widget area

    A very simple way to create a custom widget area, sidebars and menu locations for your wordpress site.

Let us know below in the comments if we missed any menus plugins in our list.

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