20 Most Active WordPress Micropayments Plugins

  • Flattr

    This plugin allows you to easily add a Flattr donation buttons to your blog and blog posts.

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  • Tinypass

    Tinypass is the best way to charge for access to content on your WordPress site.

  • CoinTent Paywall  

    CoinTent’s paywall makes it easy to sell your articles, videos, or posts through subscriptions or micropayments

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  • Flattr Shortcode Widget

    Easily add custom Flattr widgets to your posts and pages using shortcodes!

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  • Flattr Widget

    This plugin is including the Flattr button for your blog inside a widget.

  • LaterPay

    Sell digital content with LaterPay. It allows super easy and fast payments from as little as 5 cent up to 149.99 Euro at a 15% fee and no fixed costs.

  • Flattr Comments

    This plugin provides flattr-buttons for comments on your blog if the comment author entered a Flattr-ID.

  • WP PayMobile Content Locker

    WP PayMobile is a new monetization method for your website. Get payments by SMS / Phone Call for revealing content.

  • Subscription Genius Plugin

    Simple but powerful paywall solution complete with checkout and registration systems. Designed by publishers for publishers.

  • Flattr RSS

    This plugin is including the Flattr button in your RSS/Atom feed. There are some more options to extend Flattr functionality like optional autosubmit

  • BitWall

    BitWall is the best way for publishers and bloggers to monetize their Wordpress sites.

  • Xapo

    A WordPress plugin that lets you accept bitcoin tips on your blog posts.

  • eewee flattr

    Use the system "flattr" wordrpess on your site.

  • Sell from Blog

    Sell from Blog lets you sell your ebook or software package via premium SMS payments.

  • MuCash Micropayments

    MuCash is micropayments made simple. With just a few clicks your readers can buy articles, download files, make donations, and more. Transactions can

  • Wordpress Paywall

    Make it easy for you to monetize premium content on your site through new reading experience.

  • SatoshiPay

    Adds SatoshiPay to your site, allowing you to monetize bits of content using bitcoin nanopayments of down to 1c or less.

  • tibit

    tibs are tiny payments typically around 15 pence (25 cents). This plugin makes collecting tibs as either micropayments or microdonations simple for

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  • Payvio

    wordpress paywall solutions for digital media publishers

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  • Cred Micropayments

    Cred is a payment system for Wordpress that allows you to monetize your content or digital media (such as e-books, music or videos) through micropaym

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