13 Most Active WordPress Moderation Plugins

  • Facebook Comments by Vivacity

    A simple Facebook Comments plugin for your blog that enables FB User`s to comment on your blog or website.

  • Absolute Privacy

    New user moderation, site lock-down or members area, users can chose their own password and must enter their name when registering.

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  • Livefyre Comments 3

    Livefyre Comments 3 replaces your default comments with real-time conversations. Our social integration features make it easy to capture all the conve

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  • IntenseDebate Comments

    IntenseDebate comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog. Build your reader community, increase your comments, & boost pageviews.

  • Comment Moderation E-mail only to Author

    Send comment moderation notifications ONLY to the Author, not to the site Administration address any more.

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  • BuddyPress Registration Options

    Moderate new BuddyPress members and fight BuddyPress spam.

  • Mollom

    Mollom protects your site from spam, profanity, and unwanted posts. Focus on public and social engagement. Focus on things that matter.

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  • Comments Notifier

    Send email notifications to multiple addresses (not just admin) when new comments are posted on your site.

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  • NoFollowr

    Browsing a site as an admin, icons are added to external links indicating their nofollow status. Clicking the icons toggles nofollow status via Ajax.

  • BuddyPress Moderation

    Adds links/buttons to flag inappropriate content and gives a convenient way to moderators to view reports and take actions.

  • Private! Wordpress Access Control Manager

    Manage easily, who is allowed to access your blog or certain parts of your blog or just improve the security of your installation

  • Post Comment Notification

    Notify users other than the admin that new comments or new post have been posted or created

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  • No Comment

    No Comment is a simple way to remove email notification for just one person out of your list of blog administrators.

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Should we add any moderation plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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