17 Most Active WordPress Movie Plugins

  • Vimeo Short Code

    Allows the user to embed Vimeo movie clips by entering a shortcode ([vimeo ]) into the post area.

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  • YourChannel: YouTube channel on your website

    Almost like YouTube. Displays banner, uploads, playlists and more (All optional). You just need a YouTube username.

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  • QuickTime Embed

    Standards compliant QuickTime embedding in your blog posts using Javascript, supports vodcasting.

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  • WPMovieLibrary

    WordPress Movie Library is an advanced movie library managing plugin to turn your WordPress Blog into a Movie Library.

  • NGG Video Extend

    Addon plugin for Nextgen Gallery that adds the ability to have video lightboxes

  • Snap Shots for Wordpress.org

    Add Snap Shots(TM) to your blog. Snap Shots is an open, extensible platform for creating, sharing, and distributing contextually relevant content.

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  • Vimeo Video Autoplay Automute

    Allows the user to embed Vimeo movie clips with autoplay automute features by entering a shortcode ([vimeo ]) into the post area.

  • AB-Video

    Allows the user to embed Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion movie clips by entering a shortcode ([youtube ] / [vimeo ] / [dailymotion]) into the post area.

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  • IMDb Connector

    A simple plugin that allows you to easily display and use movie details from IMDb.com.

  • SWFPut - SWFlash Put

    SWFPut provides video players for posts and pages and widget areas, as both HTML5 and flash video.

  • Add Movie Trailers and Games Trailers to your site

    Add Movie Trailers and Game Trailers to your site or create your own IMDB site

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    Display movie information from IMDB in wordpress post. improvements for Persian(farsi)/Afghan movie websites.

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  • WP BeMoOve

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  • SW Video SiteMap

    This plugin generates a video sitemap of posts in a given category. Use the settings to identify which categories, what custom fields contain your vi

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  • Movie Database

    Adds a movie database to WordPress. You can manage your movie collection and show everyone, which movies you were watching recently.

  • WP Cinema

    WP Cinema is a movie display, management and ticketing system intended for cinema websites.

  • Catconvert

    Adds a link under embedded video's which allows the users to convert the video to mp3, supports: Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and many others

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