11 Most Active WordPress Name Plugins

  • Media Rename

    The Media Rename plugin allows you to easily rename (and retitle) your media files, once uploaded.

  • Any Hostname

    Any Hostname alters all WordPress-generated URLs according to the servers current hostname, allowing you to use a single site on multiple hostnames.

  • WP From Email

    Override the default 'WordPress ' from name and email address.

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  • Extra-shortcodes

    [bloginfo show="name"], [site_name], [site_desc], [date format="l jS \\of F Y"], [date_i18n], [time], [year], [month_name], [day]

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  • Display Name Author Permalink

    Replaces the username for author permalinks with the users display name. Returns a 404 if the author permalink using the actual username is used.

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  • Name Directory

    Name directory (glossary) with lots of options. Very easy to add to your site with a simple shortcode. It can have multiple directories.

  • Gwebpro Store Locator

    Introducing a unique and ultra-modern location management system that lets you add a Location Finder option directly to your site.

  • The Welcomizer

    This plugin allows you to quickly animate your WordPress blog.

  • Last Name First Name


  • Force User Field Registration

    Forces new users to register additional fields (such as first name and last name). Note: WordPress 2.5 or higher is definite required due to new erro

  • BP Display Name

    This Plugin allows BuddyPress and Wordpress users to change the "Display name publicly as" field for ALL users, at any time.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite name plugins missing from our list.

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