19 Most Active WordPress Organize Plugins

  • wp-FileManager

    FileManager for WordPress allows you to easily change, delete, organize and upload files.

  • Term Management Tools

    Allows you to merge terms, set term parents in bulk, and swap term taxonomies.

  • Media File Manager

    You can make sub-directories in the upload directory, and move files into them.

  • CataBlog

    CataBlog is a comprehensive and effortless tool that allows you to create catalogs, stores and galleries for your blog.

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  • Custom Upload Dir

    Keeps your uploaded files organized in smart folder structures.

  • Organize Series

    A plugin for managing the article series you write.

  • AZIndex

    Stylish Indexes for your WordPress Blog. Create alphabetical indexes of your posts, with headings, subheadings, and descriptions, based on post title,

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  • Alphabetical List

    Order your posts alphabetically for each selected categories.

  • BP Group Organizer

    Easily create, edit, and delete BuddyPress groups - with drag and drop simplicity

  • Design Approval System

    A system to streamline the process of getting designs, photos, documents, videos, or music approved by clients quickly.

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  • BuddyPress Group Tags

    Categorize BuddyPress groups using tags. Show a clickable tag cloud above the group listings or as a widget.

  • Organize Series Publisher

    An ADD-ON for the Organize Series Plugin that enables easy bulk publishing of all posts in a series at once.

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    A Robust RSVP plugin

  • Taxonomy filter

    Taxonomy filter is a simple and flexible plugin which allow users to filter hierarchical term taxonomies inside admin pages.

  • Selfish Fresh Start

    Built to run on EVERY install you have, fresh start removes unneeded admin clutter and sets up the needed settings for every site.

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  • xfile


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  • WP-Cat2Calendar

    WP-Cat2Calendar is a plugin which can organize posts into a calendar by category(/ies).

  • BBcode

    BBcode for your Wordpress Blog, but with an easy to use editor.

  • Doc It (Documentation)

    Create great looking documentation for anything with this plugin. Great for FAQS and more!

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite organize plugins missing from our list.

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