11 Most Active WordPress Ozh Plugins

  • Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu

    All admin links available in a neat horizontal drop down menu. Saves lots of screen real estate!

  • Disable Admin Bar

    Disable the Admin Bar.

  • Ozh' Better Feed

    Enhance feed items with anything: ads, copyright, "Add to delicious", "Read More (400 words)" links...

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  • Ozh' Simpler Login URL

    Simpler Login URL: `/login` instead of `/wp-login.php` (a Rewrite API plugin example)

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  • Always Remember Me

    Always checked 'Remember Me' checkbox and longer auth cookie expiration. Your blog will remember you.

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  • Admin Menus Fixed

    Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu + WordPress Toolbar & Admin Menu Fixed to the Top and Side of the Admin Screens. Less Scrolling!

  • Ozh' Absolute Comments

    Reply to comments from email notification

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  • Ozh's IP To Nation

    Guesses your visitor's Country from his IP

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  • Ozh' Click Counter

    How many people click on your links ? Track clicks: link popularity, download conter, etc...

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  • Ozh' Tweet Archiver

    Import and archive your tweets with WordPress

  • Remove Ozh unobstrusive credits in footer

    Removes Ozh footer text from the admin backend. Author: Polemos

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