10 Most Active WordPress P2 Plugins

  • Network Publisher

    Automatically publish your blog posts to Social Networks including Twitter, Facebook, and, LinkedIn.

  • Who's Online

    Who's reading your P2 blog right now? Keep track.

  • P2 Likes

    Give positive feedback on threads you care about on P2

  • P2 Resolved Posts

    Lightweight GTD for the P2 WordPress theme.

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  • P2 By Email

    Use P2? Use email? Use both!

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  • Mention-Me Widget

    Simple widget based on p2s recent-comment widget in order to display @replies for a logged in user.

  • Markdown for P2

    Markdown for P2 will enable Markdown formatting within your P2 theme status updates and comments.

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  • P2 Header Ad

    Places a 468x80 pixel advert inside the header of Automattic's wonderful P2 Theme.

  • P2 New Post Categories

    Adds a dropdown menu of categories to the P2 new post form.

  • P2 Check In

    This plugin adds the ability for users to "check in" to the P2 theme when they're active.

Let us know below in the comments if we missed any p2 plugins in our list.

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