20 Most Active WordPress Parse Plugins

  • Post Office

    Do you want to post your Word/Excel files? Now you can! This plugin will post these files for you (more on their way).

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  • EZ SHORTCURL Shortcodes to Fetch and Parse External Content

    Use the shortcodes remote_get and preg_replace to fetch external content and parse it to use on your page or post.

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  • Simple Parse Push Service

    This is a simple implementation for Parse.com Push Service (for iOS, Android, Windows 8 or any other devices may add).

  • LinkedIn Perfect Share

    Provides precise Open Graph data to LinkedIn for perfect sharing

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  • Fetch URL - Fetch and Parse External Content

    Use the remote_get and preg_replace shortcodes to fetch external content and parse it to use on your page or post.

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  • DOCX to HTML Free

    This plugin will process an uploaded .docx file, extracting all the content as a post/page.

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  • Supra CSV

    A plugin to ingest and extract/create/update posts, custom posts, attachments, tags, keywords and custom post meta with csv files.

  • Hipmob

    Talk to your visitors/users, transform user support and increase sales and conversions. Make your visitors happy with Hipmob hosted live chat!

  • aimojo

    Aimojo™ - Match, Rank, Relate anything! **Replaces Affinitomics for Wordpress**

  • Parsnip

    Include HTML snippets from other sites in your own site

  • Parse URL

    URL Parser plugin will be responsible for fetching meta information along with 330 characters from the supplied website url.

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  • FavParser

    Parses posts for external links and puts their favicon next to them. It uses http://g.etfv.co/ service for getting the url favicon.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite parse plugins missing from our list.

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