13 Most Active WordPress Politics Plugins

  • Sexy Polling

    Sexy Polling - Find out what your audience thinks!

  • D64 LSR-Stopper

    Mit diesem Plugin verhinderst du Verlinkungen zu Medien, deren Verlage das Leistungsschutzrecht unterstützen bzw. in Anspruch nehmen.

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  • Simple Donate

    Simple Donate is a leveled PayPal donation plugin. Featuring an easy to use shortcode & generator, it is great for nonprofits & political camp

  • NGP Forms

    Integrate NGP "Classic" (NGP VAN) donation, signup, and volunteer forms with your site.

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  • WriteToThem Widget

    A widget which provides an entry point for mySociety's WriteToThem.com, now completely re-written.

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  • Plyyr

    Plyyr lets you embed customized Plyyr content such as quizzes and polls automatically!

  • Voting Record

    Elected officials or citizens can record and display their votes or the votes of one or more elected officials they follow.

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  • Stripe Political Donations

    This plugin helps you integrate and use Stripe.com in order to solicit campaign donations from your site.

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  • MoveOn Campaigns

    Display and sign MoveOn.org campaign petitions on your site. Integrate directly into you theme or content, or use as a sidebar widget.

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  • SendLove.to - Social People Rating Plugin for Bloggers & Publishers

    Combine the addictiveness of online polls and the community features of comments to let your visitors rate and share opinions on famous people!

  • Free Photos Plugin

    The current version of the "Free Photos" plugin from Fotoglif has reached end of life and no longer functions with the http://www.fotoglif.com site. We apolo

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  • Schmap Widget

    This plugin provides an extremely simple and flexible way of presenting data relevant to your blog on a map.

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  • WP Legisearch

    A state legislative tracking system for activist organizations.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite politics plugins missing from our list.

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