18 Most Active WordPress Quicktag Plugins

  • AddQuicktag

    This plugin makes it easy to add Quicktags to the html - and visual-editor.

  • Skype Legacy Buttons

    Unlimited, highly customizable and accessible (!) Skype buttons through widgets, post shortcode/quicktag and template tags.

  • Visual Editor Custom Buttons

    Visual Editor Custom Buttons lets you add custom buttons to the Wordpress Visual Editor.

  • Vimeo Short Code

    Allows the user to embed Vimeo movie clips by entering a shortcode ([vimeo ]) into the post area.

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  • WP-Note

    Make nice notes with WP-Note in your post.

  • WP Testimonial Widget

    This plugin is for creating testimonials & display using Widget & Shortcodes on front end side. You can select from different available jQuery

  • WP SyntaxHighlighter

    This plugin is code syntax highlighter based on SyntaxHighlighter ver. 3.0.83 and 2.1.382.

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  • vimeo quicktag

    insert vimeo quicktag with full embed options as provided by vimeo

  • Wp-Editor

    Wordpress Editor Plugin is used to show Editor on Front End to enter any HTML Content or Uploading Images same as Admin Panel Supports.

  • Multi-page Toolkit

    Multi-page toolkit create titles for pages and configurable navigation features. Single (all) page view option with custom seperator (great for advert

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  • Automatically Paginate Posts

    Automatically paginate posts by inserting the <!--nextpage--> Quicktag into WordPress posts, pages, or custom post type content.

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  • StripTease

    Strips the #more fragments from the end of Read More teaser links so they link to full posts.

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  • Vimeo Video Autoplay Automute

    Allows the user to embed Vimeo movie clips with autoplay automute features by entering a shortcode ([vimeo ]) into the post area.

  • Extensible HTML Editor Buttons

    A plugin for adding custom buttons to the WordPress HTML Editor, including custom modal dialogs.

  • Jayj Quicktag

    Allows you easily to add custom Quicktags to the post editor.

  • View All Post's Pages

    Provides a "view all" (single page) option for content paged using WordPress' <!--nextpage--> Quicktag (multipage posts).

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  • WP Cache Inspect

    Enables you to inspect how the builtin cache is working.

  • Google Maps Quicktag

    Google Maps Quicktag makes it convenient to open the Google Maps web site while editing, where you can generate your map and copy the needed code to p

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