10 Most Active WordPress Read More Plugins

  • Collapse-O-Matic

    Remove clutter, save space: display and hide additional content in a SEO friendly way by wrapping content in an [expand] shortcode.

  • Expand + Collapse Funk

    Easily add expand and collapse functionality to any WordPress theme. No coding skills required! Beautifully simple UI. Save space with this plugin for

  • RSS Manager

    This plugin gives you the ability to change the appearance of your RSS feed.

  • Read More Inline

    Changes 'read more' quicktags into toggles so users can see extra content without leaving the page.

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  • Read More Without Refresh

    Read more/Read less Modal Javascript Plugin

  • Genesis Simple Customizations

    Easily make certain customizations to your Genesis-powered site in the Genesis Theme Settings menu. You must be using the Genesis theme framework.

  • WP show more

    Hide the Text between a simple Shortcode.

  • Nofollow Internal Links

    Nofollow internal links: Read More Link, Tag Cloud, Post Tags, Archive Links, Category List, Post Category, Post Author, Comments Popup Link

  • StripTease

    Strips the #more fragments from the end of Read More teaser links so they link to full posts.

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  • Nofollow Home Internal Links

    This plugin will add the "nofollow" rel attribute to unimportant internal link in the homepage ,including: read more, tag cloud links,post t

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