12 Most Active WordPress Related Articles Plugins

  • wordpress related Posts with thumbnails

    Our plugin displaying related posts in a very great way to help visitors staying longer on your blog. You can use this plugin to increasing the page r

  • plista

    The plista Widget adds plista RecommendationAds to your Wordpress blog posts.

  • Related Posts Widget with Thumbnails

    Our plugin displaying related posts in a very great way as a sidebar widget to help visitors staying longer on your site.You can use this plugin to in

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  • Search Engine query in Wordpress

    If the visitor comes from a known search engine, the widget grabs the used search query and shows internal blog posts that match that query.

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  • Super News ( Search Related News )

    Prepares bloggable news content ( based on specific search terms that you supply ) from other WordPress® powered sites. Great for pinging related new

  • Lab404 Related Posts

    Show related posts in nice format with image. Plugin is fully configurable and easy to use.

  • Related Topics Simple Tag List

    Outputs a basic inline or bulleted list of the current post's tags with intelligent display & customizable options.

  • TrenDemon Revenue Booster

    Increase revenue, pageviews & conversions from your content automatically using personalized content recommendation & call to actions.

  • Related Articles by Tag Lite

    With this plugin you can add a list of links to posts having the same tag(s) of the current post.

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  • Recommended For You

    This Plugin displays the popup for the recommended posts at the end of the post content on single posts page.

  • WP Float Related Posts

    A wordpress plugin for increase pageviews by showing popup with related posts.

  • newsAnglr

    The newsAnglr for Wordpress Plugin shows related articles from a continuously growing pool of sources using a unique matching algorithm.

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