19 Most Active WordPress Reminder Plugins

  • Email Reminder

    Schedule email reminders. Enter your reminder, where you'd like to email the reminder to, and when you'd like the reminder to be sent.

  • WooCommerce Payment Reminder

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  • Regenerate Thumbnails Reminder

    Checks if your image sizes have changed or if there was a new one added, if so it reminds you to go regenerate them.

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  • Blog Update Reminder

    Track one or multiple authors' blog posting frequency and email-notifies these authors if they haven't posted within a set timeframe.

  • Post-it for writers

    Add your Post-it box below the box for writing posts or pages in the admin panel. Very simple configuration.

  • Remember Old Post Widget

    This plugin enables visitors to remind them old posts on the same day year(s) ago on the widget.

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  • BuddyPress Update Email Reminder Lightbox

    BuddyPress Update Email Reminder Lightbox asks users to confirm their email address if they haven’t logged in for a while.

  • Name Day Reminder

    Biggest Name Day database in Cloud. Easy, API available.

  • Adzan and Iqamah Times - A Simple Reminder

    Iqamah Times is the first fully-featured application to bring you the iqamah timings of your local masjids.

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  • Sign Out Reminder

    Displays a reminder to users to remember to log out whenever they log in to the admin area.

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  • Old Page Reminder

    This plugin adds a box to the Wordpress admin dashboard that lists all pages that haven't been updated in 90 days.

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  • WP Remember Your Posts

    This plugin enables you to remind you old posts on the same day year(s) ago via email.

  • PJW Blogminder

    Allows users to configure a reminder for if they haven't blogged in a while.

  • Posts reminder

    Posts reminder notifies you when you forget to write a post on the current day.

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  • Unpublished Warnings

    This plugin will warn you when you're looking at an unpublished post that you just happen to be able to see.

  • Private Reminder

    This plugin will show a reminder message when you view a private post.

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  • yourli.st

    This plugin opens the yourli.st page and prepopulates the Event Title field with the title of the blog posting and inserts the permalink in the Event

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