19 Most Active WordPress Replies Plugins

  • bbPress - Private Replies

    A simple plugin to allow your bbPress users to mark their replies as private.

  • bbPress - Report Content

    Give your bbPress forum users the ability to report inappropriate content or spam in topics or replies.

  • bbPress Search Widget

    Extended search widget for bbPress 2.3+, plus Forum search Shortcode, plus widgetized not found content area for Form search 'no results'.

  • Search bbPress

    This Plugin brings seamless, unified search results from bbPress 2.0 to WordPress and fixes the bbPress login widget in all languages.

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  • bbPress Quotes

    Add the ability to quote bbPress forum topics and replies. Add a quote button to the end of replies so users can easily quote another user.

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  • Ozh' Absolute Comments

    Reply to comments from email notification

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  • bbPress Custom Reply Notifications

    A simple bbPress extension to customize the email sent to forum & topic subscribers when a new topic or reply is posted.

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  • bbPress Threaded Replies

    Add threaded (nested) reply functionality to bbPress.

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  • bbPress - No Admin

    Limit new bbPress content within wp-admin to super-admins

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  • jQuery Comment Replies

    Make your multi-level comment replies show on demand with a slick jQuery slideToggle() action.

  • bbPress - Canned Replies

    Allows you to create and quickly insert pre-defined responses in bbPress forum topics.

  • bbPress Code Snippets

    Automatically display HTML/PHP code posted in bbPress topics and replies.

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  • BuddyPress Activity Stream Bar

    Adds a static bar at the bottom of every page of your website. Which displays the latest 20 BuddyPress Activities and rotates threw them.

  • Most Commenting Visitors

    This is a widget plugin which helps to display the visitors who left the most number of comments in the Wordpress blog.

  • bbPress - Admin Answers

    A small plugin without settings will allow you to customize your answers on the forum in special style.

  • Tagged User Notification

    This plugin allows you to tag other registered users on your blog in a comment in order to bring them into a conversation they might otherwise be miss

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  • bbPress Reply Titles

    Add a Title field to bbPress replies.

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  • DX Unanswered Comments

    Filter your admin comments that have not received a reply by internal user yet.

  • bbPress - Featured Replies

    Lets the admin add "featured" or "buried" css class to selected bbPress replies.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite replies plugins.

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