17 Most Active WordPress Res-comms Plugins

  • MathJax-LaTeX

    This plugin enables mathjax (http://www.mathjax.org) functionality for WordPress (http://www.wordpress.org).

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  • KCite

    A tool for producing citations and bibliographies in Wordpress posts. Developed for the Knowledgeblog project (http://knowledgeblog.org).

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  • Enhanced BibliPlug

    Collaborative bibliography management for authors in WordPress.

  • Contact Info Options

    Add additional contact info fields to the user profile page and/or disable the instant messager fields.

  • ePub Export

    ePub Export automatically creates an ePub file of every published or updated post or page.

  • Kblog Metadata

    Displays bibliographic metadata both for humans and computers.

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  • Link to Link

    This plugin permits you to easily create a link using an item from the Wordpress Links Manager.

  • BibTeX Importer

    Import links in the BibTeX reference format.

  • Enhanced Publication

    Convert your WordPress site into an enhanced publication.

  • Kblog Include

    Transcludes content from arXiv and other academic repositories.

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  • Knowledgeblog Table of Contents

    This plugin writes an alphabetic list of posts in a single category in place of a [ktoc] shortcode.

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  • ALM oEmbed

    Paste in a ALM article URL to a page or post, and it will display the citation with metrics.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite res-comms plugins missing from our list.

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