13 Most Active WordPress Retail Plugins

  • Easy2Map

    The easiest tool available for creating custom & great-looking Google Maps. Add multiple pins and customize maps with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • Simple Retail Menus

    Create and manage restaurant, salon, and retail store menu lists of services, food items, retail items, or other data.

  • Gwebpro Store Locator

    Introducing a unique and ultra-modern location management system that lets you add a Location Finder option directly to your site.

  • Locu for Restaurant Menus and Merchant Price Lists Plugin

    Create your dream Menu! Easily import, edit and style restaurant menus or other merchant price lists.

  • MapMaker Enhanced Google Maps

    Add incredibly powerful Google Maps with MapMaker: Custom pinpoint graphics, tooltips, per-location photo/video galleries, & more!

  • PriceCrossing Service Menu and Price List Plugin

    Create the perfect service menu and price list! Easily import, edit and style menus or other merchant price lists.

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  • Google Maps Retailers

    Plugin to manage and output retailers by region on a Google Map.

  • Storehours

    Add Store Hours to your website!

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  • WooCommerce Recommendations

    Get recommendations on your WooCommerce store quickly and easily, engage your customers and sell more.

  • Maimenu for Restaurant Menus Plugin

    FREE service for RESTAURANTS. Create your MENU easily! Join us now on http://www.maimenu.it!

  • MenuPlatform for Restaurant Menus Plugin

    Create your dream Menu! Easily import, edit and style restaurant menus or other price lists.

  • BestSmallShopLite

    Best Small Shop is an e-commerce and shopping cart plugin for WordPress that accepts online payments through PayPal.

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  • Opening Times UK

    Your visitors will be able to look-up Opening Times within the UK with this plugin.

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite retail plugins.

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