15 Most Active WordPress Running Plugins

  • WP Strava

    Show your Strava activity on your WordPress site.

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  • Garmin Connect

    Provides a widget for displaying latest activities from Garmin Connect on your site

  • Nike+

    Nike+ lets you brag about you and your teams running progress by displaying your stats right on your WordPress website with widgets & shortcodes.

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  • Simply Strava

    A simple Strava widget for Wordpress

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  • Nike+ iPod Stats

    Allows you to display Nike+ iPod running data on your wordpress blog.

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  • RunPress

    Imports your running activities from the Runtastic website. Displays the data via shortcodes on your webpage. Widget included.

  • Nike+iPod Stats

    A Wordpress plugin that displays your Nike + iPod stats

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  • Trail-Passion

    Add 2d and 3d maps into your posts. And place posts and medias onto the maps.

  • Race Maps

    Display maps of running events and races in various countries and regions using data from Race-Calendar.com.

  • NikeFuel Running Display

    Use the shortcode [NikeFuel Display] to show an animated widget of any of your Nike+ Runs.

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  • WPMB

    A plugin to show your most recent MotionBased activities in the side bar.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite running plugins missing from our list.

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