18 Most Active WordPress Scheme Plugins

  • Adminimize

    Adminimize that lets you hide 'unnecessary' items from the WordPress backend

  • WP Admin Color Schemes

    Get even more WordPress Admin Color Schemes to bring some personality to your WP dashboard.

  • WP Brand Identity Lite

    Customize WordPress admin, set your own logo, customize login form, hide admin bar, restrict access to wp-admin for subscribers.

  • Grey Admin Color Schemes

    Grey color schemes for WordPress 3.8's admin area.

  • BAW Better Admin Color Themes

    Add more color themes and icons into your admin dashboard ! You can preview theme just clicking on it (JS required).

  • Admin UI Simplificator

    The plugin simplifies the WordPress admin user interface by hiding most of the WordPress menus.

  • Protocol Relative Theme Assets

    Transforms enqueued CSS and JavaScript theme URLs to use protocol-relative paths.

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  • Admin Color Schema

    Enable wordpress theme to add its own admin color schemas directly from theme

  • DH Admin Themes

    The DH Admin Themes, WP3.x.x add a theme for the dashboard. You can customize the theme based on the provided sample.

  • JP Admin StylishBlue

    Your 2.5 admin interface was officially pimped.

  • BossAdmin

    A dark style color scheme for WordPress admin.

  • Random Admin Color Scheme

    Random admin color scheme - auto change your admin color scheme every time wp-admin page loaded.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite scheme plugins.

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