19 Most Active WordPress Scripture Plugins

  • Reftagger

    Reftagger turns Bible references into links to the verse on Biblia.com and adds tooltips with the text of the verse.

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  • WP-Bible

    Plugin finds Bible references in your posts and changes them for the actual Bible text from any of 38 different translations in 14 languages.

  • ESV CrossRef

    Scans the site for Bible references. Once it finds a Bible reference it will be converted into a hoverable link.

  • Scripturizer

    Scripturizer will convert Bible references in your posts and comments into hyperlinks to online Bibles.

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  • The Holy Scripturizer

    Automatically link your Bible references to Bible sites. Works with almost every major Bible version in many languages. Easy setup; customizable.

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  • BibleGateway Links Shortcode

    Shortcode for linking Bible references to a BibleGateway page.

  • Scripture Highlighter

    Scripture Highlighter turns your Bible verses into a clickable link that will open a pop-up with the full scripture reference.

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  • YouVersion

    This plugin takes marked-up scripture references and pulls the verses from YouVersion.

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  • ESV Bible Shortcode for WordPress

    This plugin uses the ESV Bible Web Service API to provide an easy way to display scripture in the ESV translation using WordPress shortcodes.

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  • NETBibleTagger

    This plugin enables NETBibleTagger on your WordPress site.

  • Bible References

    Automatically replace Bible references to a hyperlink with Bible text. Website http://bibleonline.ru/tools/ref/

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  • Reftagger Shortcode

    Reftagger Shortcode creates a button in the TinyMCE visual editor in Wordpress allowing you to easily add semantic Bible markup.

  • Scripture Cloud

    Creates a Scripture Cloud of referenced Bible verses in your blog.

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  • Bijbelteksten

    Bijbeltekst herkent bijbelverwijzingen en verandert deze automatisch in links naar de betreffende bijbeltekst op DeBijbel.nl

  • Multipurpose Bible Linker

    Find and replace Bible verses with direct links to the Bible.

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  • ScriptureLog

    ScriptureLog - an Open Source plugin that turns Wordpress into a platform for collaborative LDS scripture study

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