10 Most Active WordPress Shortlink Plugins

  • Simple Tweet

    This is a plugin creating a new tweet including a URL of new post on your wordpress.

  • WP Bitly

    Use Bitly generated shortlinks for all your WordPress posts and pages, including custom post types.

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  • Easy Affiliate Links

    Easily manage and cloak all your affiliate links.

  • URL Shortener

    This plugin allows you to generate shortlinks for post/pages using URL Shorteners (e.g. Bit.ly, Su.pr, YOURLS, Goo.gl and many others).

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  • YOURLS Link Creator

    Creates a custom short URL when saving posts. Requires your own YOURLS install.

  • Shortn.It

    Shortn.It is a customizable, self-hosted, URL shortener for WordPress.

  • Bit.ly Shortlinks

    This plugin replaces the default WordPress shortlinks with bit.ly shortlinks.

  • Declutter WordPress

    This plugin lets you remove some of the default headers, tags and classes that WordPress inserts into your template by default.

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  • Heat Map Tracker

    Analyze your visitors via Mouse Click and Mouse Move Heat Maps!

  • ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics

    Customizable Link Shortener combined with Powerful Real-Time Analytics. Create short tracking links and track everything about your visitors.

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