18 Most Active WordPress Sortable Plugins

  • Admin Columns

    Customise columns on the administration screens for post(types), pages, media, comments, links and users with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

  • User Avatar

    Provides a thumbnail area in Your Profile, for users to upload & crop new images in an overlay to be saved and stored to their profile.

  • Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus

    Upgrades the next/previous post link functions to reorder or loop adjacent post navigation links, display post thumbnails, and customize link format.

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  • Ambrosite Next/Previous Page Link Plus

    Creates two new template tags for generating next/previous page navigation links.

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  • HH sortable ID columns

    Sortable ID columns for all standard data types in WordPress admin panel.

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  • People Lists

    Provides a shortcode [people-lists list=example-list] that can insert a People List on any page,post or even sidebar to list selected users.

  • CSV to SortTable

    Import data from a spreadsheet (.csv file format) and display it in a sortable HTML table.

  • Post Admin Word Count

    Adds a sortable column to the admin's post manager, displaying the word count for each post.

  • Easy Post Order

    Easy Post Order provides an intuitive sortable / draggable interface for custom-sorting your posts.

  • Table Sorter

    No more old static tables, make your HTML tables sortable.

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  • SortTable Post

    This plugin allows you to display an index of posts (or a custom post type) in a sortable table on any page or post, using a simple shortcode.

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  • Advanced Custom Sort

    Advanced Custom Sort (ACS) is like Nodequeue for WordPress. It allows you to create custom-ordered post lists.

  • Custom Users Order

    A plugin which allows you to order the users with simple Drag and Drop Sortable capability.

  • Birds Portfolio

    This plugin adds portfolio projects (with categories) to your WordPress site.

  • 3D Photo Gallery

    Create a photo gallery with CSS3 3D animation effects.

  • POWr Tabs

    Organize and display any content with custom navigation tabs!

  • WPF-jqGrid

    Use jqGrid (a jQuery plugin) to manage database tables. Use shortcode like [wpf-jqgrid table='wpf_jqgrid_sample' idtable=1 caption='nam

  • Custom Posts Order

    A plugin which allows you to order the posts with simple Drag and Drop Sortable capability.

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