13 Most Active WordPress Stylesheets Plugins

  • Add Admin CSS

    Interface for easily defining additional CSS (inline and/or by URL) to be added to all administration pages.

  • Zia3 CSS JS

    Define additional CSS and JavaScript (inline and/or by URL) to be added to any page or post individually.

  • Remove Script & Stylesheet Versions

    Removes the ?ver= parameter from enqueued scripts and stylesheets URLs.

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  • Dependency Minification

    Automatically concatenates and minifies any scripts and stylesheets enqueued using the standard dependency system.

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  • Conditional Stylesheets and Body Classes

    Add conditional browser stylesheets and body class declarations

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  • Insert JS or CSS in post via Custom Field

    This plugin will insert JS or CSS files added via Custom Fields into a particular posts or page

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  • Theme-Independent Stylesheets

    Allows for use of uploaded stylesheets (.css files) to be used alongside any theme

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  • CSS Naked Day

    Automatically strips off stylesheets without editing themes during the Annual CSS Naked Day.

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  • Digital Raindrops Page Styles

    This plugin enables admin users of WordPress to assign a different Style Sheets per page from the themes directory.

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  • Delay Print CSS

    Prevent your print stylesheets from delaying rendering of your website

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  • Re-Order - Change CSS and JS Loading Order

    Change the loading order of CSS and JS files used by themes and plugins.

  • P18T Sass

    Integrates PHamlP Sass Feature; see: http://code.google.com/p/phamlp/

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